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Sports Massage

Why Sports Massage?

Sports Massage or Remedial Massage. What is the difference? 

In one word – nothing. It is a myth that you need to do sports to have a sports massage. 

Do you find that your shoulders and back ache from sitting at a computer desk all day?


Then sports massage can help. 

Do you spend most of your time standing up working in retail or hospitals, for example, and find that your feet and legs ache?


Sports massage can help. 


Of course, if you do play a sport or go to the gym then sports massage will greatly benefit you and you don’t need an injury to reap the benefits. Sports massage can greatly improve your technique by allowing your muscles to activate quicker and are less prone to injury. 

So what are you aching for?
Give me a call! 

About Sharon

I am a fully qualified VTCT
sports massage therapist.


My background is secretarial so I know full well how hard it is to keep a good posture at the desk and how good it feels to have a massage to help those aches and pains across the shoulders and neck.


30 minutes - £30

1 hour - £50



Discounts are available to those who purchase a package 

Student/ Concessions:


£5 off



Sharon fixed my back after a recent injury - she is brilliant!​

Sharon is highly professional and doesn’t seem to rush, being willing to spend an extra two minutes to do a proper and thorough job. She is very knowledgeable and has helped my recovery no end. I would definitely recommend her in helping to keep those niggles at bay!

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